Why Us

We’re industry professionals with a passion for effective communication and meaningful innovation. 

Our Story

Just in case you were wondering, we didn’t start this company from an air-conditioned office in Silicon Valley.

No, we’ve been hard at work for decades, side by side with many of you in the construction industry. We’ve been busy coordinating crews, paying the bills, meeting deadlines, and waiting for paychecks. We’ve worked in every imaginable condition, from the most biting winters to the stickiest summers.

And like many of you, we’ve worried about lining up the next job and getting the next check. 

So yeah, we’ve been there, and we’ve done that—just like you. And we found ourselves thinking there has to be a better way. 

Our Design

Our ideas and solutions come from the real world, the school of hard knocks. Every software already on the market was either too expensive or too complicated. We know you don’t have time to take a course on how to use an expensive tool. We couldn’t find a solution that worked best, so we created it. 

We designed and built ProPlans with you in mind. ProPlans eliminates the industry’s number one roadblock—siloed communication. You can organize your projects, upload your plans, invite everyone on the project, and communicate or send tasks to anyone involved. It’s easy to measure progress, track accountability, and optimize valuable time. And because we know not everyone is tech-savvy, it’s easy to use, with a high digital adoption rate. We know you’ll love it!

yOur Future

The digital future is already here. ProPlans helps you transition from paper plans or complicated software to a digital hub designed just for you. We’re committed to helping you build better.

There’s a lot that needs changing and improving, and we’re determined to do it. Together. With that in mind, we invite your help. 

Please send us your feedback. Let us know the problems you face, so we can work together to solve them. 

Stay tuned. We have some exciting things planned for you.

Meet the Professionals

Tina Hackwell
Chief Executive Officer / Founder

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Samuel Hackwell

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Richard Blunck

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Matthew Magleby
VP Business Development

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Andrew Perkins
Architecture / Engineering

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ProPlans reduces costly errors by providing everyone with the most up-to-date plan. It's a platform where everyone can communicate, collaborate, and stay on task. Expect better and be better with ProPlans.

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