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We designed ProPlans with your business and crew in mind. We know that paper plans have been an industry staple for decades, but now they’re a stumbling block.

With the ever-evolving digital systems in the information age, it can be hard to keep up. ProPlans makes the transition seamless with 7 easy-to-use features.

01. Projects & Plans

02. Markups

03. Notes

04. Comments & Chat

05. Contacts

06. Documents

07. To-Do’s & Tasks

Plans & Projects

The days of multiple copies and defunct plans are no longer! ProPlans keeps everyone on the same page, literally.

You can upload the latest plans, details, and documents directly into your project from your phone.


Have edits or suggestions? You and your crew members can highlight, draw shapes, input revision clouds, add arrows, and markup anything!


If you need to add more details to a project, you can make notes, specs, descriptions, highlights, and RFIs. You can even add photos and videos!

Comments & Chats

Disjointed communication is the biggest obstacle in the industry. Instead of long email chains, overwhelming texts, and disruptive phone calls, keep everything in one place, accessible by everyone.

You can organize communication for every project with all the right people. It’s easy, quick, and everyone gets the message.


Invite everyone involved in the project: architects, engineers, owners, foremen, project managers, inspectors, tradesmen.

There is no cap on contacts—so don’t worry how many people you can add. Involve everyone!


There is no need to worry about keeping track of all your documents—ProPlans can hold on to them for you!

Quickly access architectural drawings, building plans, contracts, reports, and any document you need.

To-Do’s & Tasks

You don’t have to send out texts to every team member anymore—just send them a task through ProPlans!

Create to-do lists and tasks for your team that you know they’ll see. They can respond, ask questions, or verify when they finish the job!


Connect Everyone to Build Faster and better


Everyone on the project needs access to the most current information in real time. Most mistakes happen in the field at the project. With ProPlans, everyone can access the latest plans and updates, work offline, and get on the same page right from their digital device! 


The construction industry works across languages and sectors. Everyone on the project needs to be able to communicate effectively and in one place. ProPlans eliminates misunderstandings and mistakes by recording all communication for accountability and team collaboration. ProPlans is also available in Spanish! 


There are so many moving parts in every project that everyone involved needs a central place to learn what to do and how to do it properly. Assumptions on the job lead to disaster and confusion. ProPlans is your project hub, designed to bring everyone in to help educate and train each other. Our goal is to help all crew members succeed by doing their job right the first time.

Better Building Means:

Better Building Means:

Doing it right the first time

Right from the beginning of the design process, ProPlans helps owners make selections early on by accessing plans from anywhere, anytime. Owners’ selections can be linked directly to specific items on the plans, whether a front door, kitchen sink, or finish material such as paint or flooring.Team members can insert questions and communications directly, anywhere on the plan. Publish notes, sketches, photos, links, and instructions in real time so that your team members have what they need to do it right the first time.

Fewer Errors

Errors can account for as much as 10% of project cost. ProPlans reduces errors by ensuring that the latest documents are accessible by every team member–and by letting you communicate through those documents. Available in English and Spanish.

All team members access the latest plans on their devices. Revisions, markups, notes and linked documents, like installation instructions and specifications, are published directly on the build set. No taping cutsheets to the wall—no scrawling last-minute changes on ___. Past versions of plans are automatically archived for reference.

Green Building

Forget paper in the office or on the jobsite–ProPlans moves all plans and documents to the cloud. Facilitate your green building project by linking specs like energy star ratings, installation videos, educational resources, warranties, and other documents right on the plans. Bundle digital documentation to make submission for green credentials easier and faster.

Happy Clients

Using ProPlans makes the process easier for everyone involved in the building process, especially the home owner. Accountability is increased, rework is reduced and general contractors and trades know more clearly what is expected and how to do it right. Everyone is using the same information and able to communicate with everyone else in the project. The ProPlans process creates a better experience for everyone involved in the project!

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ProPlans reduces costly errors by providing everyone with the most up-to-date plan. It’s a platform where everyone can communicate, collaborate, and stay on task. Expect better and be better with ProPlans.

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