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ProPlans is in pre-release status. We are adding new improvements and features every few weeks. We want your feedback. Help us improve to make ProPlans better for you, your crew and the industry! In the future we’ll be adding features and storage requirements that you’ll be able to upgrade to with a paid subscription. Invite others to try ProPlans for free. Share it with everyone, on all your projects. We know you’ll find ProPlans the most useful tool in your toolbelt!

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ProPlans brings the most intuitive plan management program to your palm. Read more about how ProPlans is revolutionizing the industry and elevating companies every day.

“I’ve dreamed forever about building my own home and we recently had the chance to finally build it. I was shocked at how many things that we decided at the beginning with our builder, a good builder, ended up being built incorrectly. It would have been so nice to have a way to communicate better with everyone involved in the project. The ProPlans suite of software would have made a huge difference for us, our stress and the outcomes of our dream project.”

“Digitizing and improving upon the paper plans experience is critical to better communication and collaboration in our industry, and this tool is achieving that necessity.”

“Communicating and getting the correct and up to date information to my crews in the field is critical, ProPlans does just that.”

“The greatest opportunity to improve business profits in construction is in improving communication and collaboration during the build process. ProPlans makes this happen.”